At White Word Media we specialise in bringing the written word to life, helping to promote businesses, charities and creatives. We can create new copy for you throughout your business reach and will ensure the content is in line with branding.


Liz White is Editor of ‘In Maidstone’ E-Magazine and Creative Content Consultant for Author Miriam McGuirk. Editing copy is something White Word Media complete thoroughly and efficiently from scaling back website word count, rewriting press releases and company proposals through to writing new and inspiring content.

Business Writing

For business writing White Word Media specialises in humanising business to ensure their clients are not just seen as leading experts in their field but human beings too. Ensuring their clients businesses are empathised with and their audience can visualise the businesses aims and goals through copy which is honest, direct, newsworthy and full of their client’s personality.

Liz White also writes magazine articles and interviews people on a regular basis and can provide content for your title.

We specialise in supplying copy for :

  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Magazine content
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Editorial articles
  • Producing interviews


White Word Media is not a PR agency, but we do have press links in the Kent area and can push out press releases to the Kent media if this is a service you require.

Product Launches

At White Word Media we have recently organised two book launches for the Author Miriam McGuirk. The first book launch was in Maidstone, Kent and the second in Dublin, Ireland. Both launched the book ‘Shattered Dreams & Scorpions at Midnight – a search for sanctuary’ by Miriam McGuirk.

If you are looking for someone to organise and write copy for an event we are happy to talk it through with you and see if we can help.

Creative Writing

Having created ‘The Star Tree Forest’ – a magical imaginary place that was created within the genre of children’s literature, White Word Media has experience in creating the unexpected, writing for differing age groups and conjuring up stories and art poetry.

Comfortable writing children’s literature and fiction, White Word Media also has experience in playwriting and stage direction.

Star Tree Forest – Children’s writing

Liz writes children's art poetry and the webpage is part of White Word Media. The 'Star Tree Forest' is an imaginary world for children created by Liz White and is primarily a source of beautiful artwork and poetry for gift ideas and nursery decoration.

Liz has always drawn Star Trees and when her family and friends started to have children of their own, Liz expanded her drawings to include positive, fun and pretty poems so that the Star Trees could adorn their nursery walls. Since then, the Star Trees have grown into a brand which embraces fun and inspirational thinking.

The Star Tree Forest includes several characters that have been granted Star billing to live in the Star Tree Forest. These characters include the bears named 'Starlight' and 'Moonlight', The Starfish who swim in Star Tree River, Starsky the friendly wolf and the Starling birds who flock amongst the trees.