What should you write about your business?

By Liz White - 5th August 2014

It can seem like an insurmountable task to prepare press releases when you have so much to say. Include too much information and it will be too wordy, too little and you undersell yourself. Instead of trying to write a press release that encompasses everything try the following tactic…

Write a paragraph that sums up your business – include the unique selling points and any important information you feel is paramount to communicate. Keep this paragraph as a background by-line for every press release you compose and of course remember to update it!

Take my example for a small chain of gift shops:

“'Gift's and More' retailers sell unique hand crafted goods from their local areas and champion local artistic talent. Our retail stores are based in Tunbridge Wells, Guildford and Runcorn and we are proud to tell you that we won 'Best retailer' in 2013 and refurbished our Guildford branch earlier in the year. 'Gift's and More' goes that extra mile to find gifts you can't find yourselves.”

This would be included at the bottom of every press release to give an overview of your business. It then gives you the freedom to select the focal point of the press release without the need to include background.

Focal Points depend on your target market. Of course when you have something big to tell people about (awards won, re-branding, refurbishment etc.) then it is easy to know what to focus on but in the day to day hubbub of writing focus can be lost.

Keep in mind the following and you will be on the right track!

  • Who am I targeting?
    Choose your market for the press release.
  • What do they like?
    Check out what is trending on social media for your target market by looking in chat rooms and forums – what topics of conversation are trending? Also read magazines and newspapers that target your market to see what the headlines are.
  • How do they find out about it?
    Should your press release be for social media or print? You need to target them differently. Make sure you target your market through the correct channels.

Poem for WW1 - Fighting for Apathy?

By Liz White - 4th August 2014

Goodbye mother, goodbye son,
Goodbye all those who felt they had won
for what is winning when green fields turn red?
How do the hierarchy sleep in their bed's?
A bloody battle fought with vigour for a mile
lost in the morning through the enemy's bile.

Their sons, mothers, sweethearts and friends
will will them to win and come home again
The winners victorious but what does that mean
when you see first-hand what horror truly gleans?
Years from now at home in my bed
will I be able to rest my weary head or
will the whistles of shells clip my heart
and fears take me through to the dark.

At least I will be through and the light will grow
but those who have been stopped, abruptly, too short
will stay in the dark, whether the seasons, the snow
so is it better to live on and have bravely fought
or was it all for the freedom of apathetic thought?